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How to become Health Champion of Flipkart Health Plus with Zero Investment?

How to become Health Champion of Flipkart Health Plus with Zero Investment?

About Flipkart Health Plus– Flipkart Health plus is India’s Fastest-growing digital healthcare marketplace platform that enables access to affordable medicines and healthcare products to millions of households in India.

Flipkart Health+ is a digital healthcare platform that enables access to Medicines and Healthcare products to millions of families in India. We’re currently delivering Allopathy and Homeopathy Medicines, Ayurvedic Range, Healthcare Products and Devices, Personal Care Essentials, and Household Supplies at affordable prices.

Flipkart Health Plus having mission to elevate the health of billion lives through trusted, affordable, caring and innovation solutions.

Flipkart Health+ (formerly known as SastaSundar Healthbuddy Limited) is an e-commerce platform dealing in healthcare, online pharmacy, diagnostics and e-consultation in India.

Now Flipkart Health Plus offers Health Champion program to unemployed people and students.

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Advantage of Flipkart Health Champion Partner’s-

  1. Zero Investment.
  2. Zero Inventory.
  3. No medicine delivery burden.
  4. No License Required.
  5. No Shop required
  6. No time boundation.
  7. Partner with India’s most-trusted Ecommerce Brand.

Requirement for Health Champions-

  1. Mobile or Laptop
  2. High Speed Internet Connectivity.

What are the benefits do customers get by Flipkart Health Champions?

  1. Get discount upto 20% on every order.
  2. Access to Genuine Medicines.
  3. Free Delivery on Orders above Rs 250.

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What does a Flipkart Health Champions do?

  1. Reach out to Medicine Buyers in the locality.
  2. Help Buyers place their Medicine Order.
  3. Follow-up for Repeat Orders.

How much Commission provided by Flipkart Health Plus to Health Champions?

Flipkart Health Plus provide Commission upto 5% and average commission is 3% . Flipkart health plus also provides lots of exciting offers from time to time to the Health champions.

If your daily medicine order will be Rs 5000 then in a month medicine order willl be 1.5 Lakh.

From this, as we consider 5% commission on Rs 1.5 Lakh order. It will be Rs 7,500 per month.

In Monthly you can earn upto Rs 10,000 /- without any Investment.

How to register for Health Champions Program?

If you want to become a Health Champion partner of Flipkart Health Plus then you have to click on below link and also follow the video steps-

Click here for Registration- Flipkart Health Champion Program

How to Flipkart Health Plus Onboarding Health Champions Partner?

  1. Registration for Healths Champion Program.
  2. Flipkart Health plus will review applications and contact in case candidates are shortlisted.
  3. Flipkart health plus will send the Digital Agreement to the candidates for digitally sign.
  4. After siging the Digital Agreement, Flipkart onboarded the health champions.
  5. After that Flipkart will send online Training and onboarding materials.
  6. After onboarding, health champion start placing medicine orders and earn 3% service charge on every order.

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All the above information is correct as per Health Champions Partner. This is the best business which can you start from home with zero investment.


In conclusion, if you’re interested in Healths Champions of Flipkart Health Plus franchise with zero investment then it may be the right choice for you. Because it provides you a business opportunity with lZero investment, Zero Invesntory, No License, No Shop and with good commission. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, the brand has established itself as a leader in the industry, and offers a range of benefits to healths champions program.

Flipkart Health plus avail the exiciting offers for the Healths Champion partner time to time. By this offers healths champions will use and earned maximum commission on every ordered medicine.

To know more about the franchise process and requirements, contact the Flipkart Health Plus team today!

Click on- Register


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