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Amazon I have space program- Amazon mainly collaborate with local storeowners and add extra earnings to your regular income.

Amazon India introduced the “I Have Space” campaign two years ago to help neighbourhood retailers in expanding their reach. This innovative programme enables Amazon to work with neighbourhood shopkeepers to supplement their normal income and drive more customers to their local stores.

amazon i have space

Today, more than 13,000 neighbourhood shops in 65 different cities offer delivery of goods to consumers within a 2- to 4-kilometer radius of the shops, increasing their regular revenue. The retail partners of Amazon India typically deliver 20 to 30 packages each day, receiving a set charge for each delivery. A few of these shops also serve as delivery hubs and pickup locations for customers. For successful product delivery and receipt, local business owners have a deep understanding of their community and a great deal of goodwill in the surrounding area. Additionally, by registering for the following services:

  1. Delivery
  2. Pickup
  3. Customer Returns

I Have Space is a Business opportunity in which a local store owner can partner with amazon for delivery and pickup services for deliveries in neighbourhood areas and can earn additional income

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Benefits of Amazon I Have Space Program (IHS)

  1. This program does not require any Investment for join of this program.
  2. Additional part time income with your regular income.
  3. Flexibility to work in free time.
  4. Utilization of non-peak store hours.
  5. Additional walk-in for pick up locations.
  6.  Make your existing business store as delivery & Pickup point for customers resident their neighborhood.
  7. Under This program can earn Rs 18000 – Rs 20000 per month.


How can Amazon I have space program earn Rs 18000 – Rs 20000 per month?

This unique initiative helps Amazon collaborate with local storeowners and add extra earnings to their regular income while also increase footfalls to their local shops.

Today, over 13,000 local stores across 65 different cities deliver products to customers within a 2 – 4-kilometer radius of their store which helps add more to their regular earnings. On an average, Amazon India’s store partners deliver between 20 to 30 packages a day, earning a fixed fee per delivery.

In Festive season or sale offer time – Amazon increases the per day delivery products i.e., maximum 50 products per day you have to deliver to maximum 2 km – 4 km their neighborhood customers.


Amazon will provide Rs 14 – Rs 17 per item successful delivered.

If you delivered per day 40 items successfully, then consider average commission is Rs15 – Rs 16 per item.

then your per day earning will be = 40 items X Rs 15 (Commission) = Rs 600

Monthly Earning as per above calculation will be = Rs 600 (per day income) X 30 days (month) = Rs 18000 per month.

Success Stories of Amazon I have space partner, you can see below video.

What you’ll need under Amazon I have space program?

  1. Customer obsession– Having customer–first approach. You are able to work passionately to earn and keep customer trust.
  2. Can do attitude and aspiration to grow- Your can-do attitude and passion to succeed inspires you to work and grow, even when challenges arise.
  3. Resilience– You’re capable of dealing with the ambiguity of a fast-paced, ever-changing business.

How Amazon I have space program works?

Amazon I have space program works as follows-

  1. I have space partner receives packages based on store location.
  2. I have space partner delivers packages to the customer.
  3. Payment amount is calculated based on the number of packages delivered.
  4. Amount is credited to I H S Partner’s account by 1st week of every month. *conditions apply

How to apply for Amazon I have Space Partner?

Click on following link- Register AMAZON IHS PROGRAM

Follow below steps-

  1. If you have a retail store and are interested to partner with IHS, Click the “register now” button to fill the form online
  2. Amazon collects document from your Door step.
  3. Post a successful background check, you attend a simple training.
  4. Become an ‘I Have Space’ Partner

amazon i have space


You can watch below video step by step to earn extra income from Amazon I have space Program 2023

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