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How To Earn Money from Rummy Circle Game App in 2022-23

How To Earn Money by Playing Rummy Circle Game App in 2022 – Real Cash Win Earn

Everyone likes to play online games in India and there are many people who playing games along with that also earn money. Today we will share knowledge about how to earn money by playing Rummy online.

In today’s time, everyone likes to play Rummy game. But do you know that along with playing Rummy game, you can also earn money from it.

Although it can be seen, many applications will be found to play Rummy game.

But with the help of only a few of those applications, you can also earn money.

That is why today we will be writing this article about some of the best Rummy circle games and will also tell you which would be the best application for you.

With which you can easily earn money playing rummy game. Will try to tell you all about that also through this post, so first of all come

Please Note: Before we tell you how to earn money from Rummy Circle App, we want to give you a disclaimer that to win money in this game you have to invest money as entry fee. However, you can also play rummy games for free by using the bonus available in it and follow the number five method to earn money for free, which is free and explained in it. Use this game at your own risk, as it involves financial risk.

rummy circle app

Below are some facts about Rummy Circle App

Important Points Description
Name of Application  Rummy Circle App
Download Link Download
Use Invite Code (To get Rs 2000 Welcome Bonus) KUN56688
Google Rating 4.2*/5
Download by User 1 Million +

What is Rummy Game?

Rummy is a type of online game, and we also know it by the name of cards. Rummy game is played with cards, and it is played a lot in India, and more than crore people earn more than lakh rupees on daily basis by playing Rummy game.
If you want to earn money in lakh like all of them by playing Rummy game, then you can play from its today itself. Keeping this in mind, today we thought why not inform people about Rummy game.

The first way to earn money by playing Rummy is Rummy circle. To earn money by playing Rummy circle, first of all you have to download Rummy circle app in your mobile or computer.

Rummy Circle

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How to Download Rummy Circle App?

In Google Play store, there are lot of application available on same name “Rummy Circle“, so you will get confused when you going to download Rummy Circle App from Google Play Store.

From my suggestion you may download the Rummy Circle App from below link.

For Download Rummy Circle- Click here

To get Rs 2000 Welcome Bonus use Invite Code: KUN56688

You may also download this application from their official website


How to create Account in Rummy Circle?

After downloading the Rummy Circle App, the process of creating an account is very easy. To register in the App, you have to follow some easy steps which we have given ahead of you –

Step 1- Open the Rummy circle app, you will get the interface of Login/Register with Enter Mobile number as you can see below images.

Rummy Circle Rummy Circle


Step 2- After entered Mobile number, you have to click on GET STARTED Button as you can see in below images.

Rummy Circle

Step 3- After clicked on Get Started Button you will receive 6-digit otp on registered number and that otp has to entered in OTP Box, after that you have to clicked on Verify Button for verified mobile number If auto fill facility is available, then automatically verified by this App. You can also see below images for reference.

Rummy Circle

Step 4- After verified mobile, you will successfully registered Rummy circle app and will get interface as below.

Rummy Circle

How to earn money by playing Rummy?

If you play card games or know the rules of playing card games, then you will not have any problem in earning money from Rummy Circle!

Because in Rummy Circle Game you can earn money only by playing card game, apart from this you can also get other option, but to earn more money you have to focus mainly on card games.

There is also tournament competition in Rummy Circle, in which you can participate and win lakhs. And you can transfer the money won by you to your bank account or Paytm.

And for the information of all of you, let us tell you that those who do not know how to play Rummy can also practice Rummy game in this app. Because there is also an option to play practice game, you do not have to pay any kind of money to play practice game.

But on signing up in Rummy Circle, you are not given any kind of sign up bonus. But if you add ₹ 2000 to play the game, then you are given ₹ 2000 as a bonus.

In Rummy Circle you will find many Rummy Games like:- Pool Points, Rummy Rumble, etc.
You will get to see many tournaments like deal and race rummy, you can join any league according to your choice and participate in it.


Below are some options to earn money by playing Rummy

1. Earn money from Rummy Circle by playing Cash Game-

When you open the Rummy Circle App, you will see four options on the home page.

If you get Cash Game, Tournament, Rummy Rumble and Practice, then you can first use Cash Game Option to earn money from Rummy Circle.

After going to the option of Cash Game, you will again get 3 new options Point Rummy, Pool Rummy and Deal Rummy,
Whichever of these three options you like to play, you can select and play the game and collect points.

Whatever option you get of Cash Game, you can play all those games without investing money and earn Points, because you will get Points by making a winner in Cash Game option.

2. Earn money playing Rummy Rumble-

To earn money through Rummy Rumble, you will have to pay some money, so let us tell you that any person can participate in the game and can get money according to the rank on winning.

The one who will be the first winner here will get the most money and those who will be below that will get less money than them.
You will get some time in this and on the basis of that time, your rank will be decided in whatever Rummy Rumble you participate in.

For this you will get a View Detail option, by clicking on it, you can find out the entire status of that rank.

3. Earn money from Rummy circle by joining tournament-

In Rummy Circle, you will get the third option of Tournament, mainly in this tournament you will see the option of Club and Club Special.

You can start playing the game by selecting any one of these three options.

When you select any option, then you will get the option of Join Now and above it you will get Winning Price, Time, Date, Information about Day etc. is given.

So, you can earn some money by participating in the tournament accordingly.

4. Earn money by practicing rummy game-

In Rummy Circle you will get the option of 4th option Practice, if you do not know how to play card game, then first of all start practicing.

The better you practice, the better you can win real cash and you all know that practice and knowledge matter a lot to earn money from any field.

5. Earn money for free by referring Rummy Circle-

If you do not know how to play Rummy Circle Game, then you can also earn money for free by referring Rummy Circle. Rummy Circle gives you a Bonus of ₹ 500 on every Refer.

Here – Refer Link

Rummy Circle

For this, you will see the option of 3dot on the homepage, click on it, for this you will get the option of Invite and Earn, click on it, then you can send your Refer Link to whomever you want and earn money.

What are the rules of playing Rummy circle?

A minimum of 2 players are required to play Rummy and a maximum of 6 or 7 players and each player is dealt 13 cards to 7 cards.
In two player game 7 cards are dealt to one player and in 6 player game each player is dealt 13 cards and if 7 players are playing together then each player will be dealt 7 cards.

How to make points in Rummy Circle?

To make points in Rummy, when a player is out of the game, then in such a situation, the value of the card remaining with you is added, which is something like this

The points of (K Q J) card is considered as 10 points.
And aces are worth 1 point.

What are the rules of playing Rummy? Rummy game is completely different from card game in that the value of ace can be high as well as low.

By the way, you people should move in (A- 2-3) actions or (A- Q-K) actions to move ace.
Provided that the person who (K-A-2) Walks in Karma He leaves his firsthand and lets someone else make a hand, he has more chances to win the game.

You may also watch video about Rummy Circle in which you will get all details-

what are the benefits of playing rummy circle?

  • By the way, if it is seen that there are many benefits of playing Rummy, then let us talk about some of the benefits.
    • Playing rummy online will give you the experience of playing with the best rummy players in India.
    • You are also given some money as a bonus for adding money to your rummy game account.
    • Cashback is also given to you in Rummy game.
    • By winning more money in rummy game, you can manage your expenses and your household expenses and can also change your lifestyle by playing rummy game.
    • Rummy experts give you the opportunity to play rummy games in the big club with high money stake rummy games.
    • Playing rummy game can be a great way to earn money.
    • More attention has been given to playing rummy game on mobile and people also prefer to play rummy game online from mobile.
    • If you win money by playing rummy game then your money is immediately sent to your account, and it remains safe in your account whenever you want you can transfer very easily in your Paytm or bank account.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)- Rummy Circle App


1. Is Rummy Circle App trusted?

Ans: Yes, Rummy app is India’s trusted app for playing Rummy Games.

2. How to earn money from Rummy Circle App without Investing money?

Ans: From Rummy Circle App- you can earn money by refer with your friends.

3. From where we can download Rummy Circle App?

Ans: Click on- Download


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