What is “CC” / ‘A’ sites & “DC” / ‘B’ Sites of Petrol Pump?

What is “CC” / ‘A’ sites & “DC” / ‘B’ Sites of Petrol Pump?

“CC” / ‘A’ sites, “DC” / ‘B’ sites and CFS sites of petrol pump will be decided by the Oil companies and the same would as follows: –

Dealer Owned sites (“DC”/ “B” sites): The offered land and the super structure will be developed by the dealer. Pump, tank, automation, signages, etc. will be provided by the Corporation.

Other Corporation Owned Sites (“CC”/ “A” sites): The offered land would be taken on lease/purchased and fully developed as Corporation owned site.

Locations under Corpus Fund Scheme (CFS sites): The offered land would be taken on lease/purchased and fully developed as Corporation owned site.

Note: Offered land can either be taken from the applicant or the owner of the land directly. All locations advertised as SC/ST category will be developed as per (i) above.

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sites of petrol pump


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Different between all Kind of Sites of Petrol Pump

Difference between all kind of sites in respect of Type of facility:

S.N. Type of Facility TYPE OF SITE
“A” / “CC” site including CFS locations “B”/ “DC”


Provision of Facility by:
A Infrastructural Facilities:
i. Developed land including land development of the entry / exit / acceleration / de-acceleration / service road with boundary /compound /

retention wall as per OMC Specification

Dealer Dealer
ii. Tanks,     Dispensing     Units,               Signages,

Automation, etc.

iii. Sales Office, Storeroom, Toilet, Electrical Room, Electrical connection (of capacity

as advised by OMC), Water Connection, Yard Lighting, etc.

OMC Dealer
iv. Generator / Invertor Dealer Dealer
v. Compressor with Electronic Gauge for Air

Filling (As decided by OMC)

OMC / Dealer Dealer
vi. Driveway OMC Dealer
vii. Canopy (as per OMC’s requirement) OMC Dealer
B Customer Convenience Facilities:



Clean Drinking Water, Maintenance of Neat & Clean Toilet, Telephone, etc.





Land Requirement for CC/DC / CFS Sites of Petrol Pump

Land area depend on the type of site and type of Retail Outlet.

  • Regular /Rural (SH/NH)

35 m X 35 m = 1225 sq. metre.

30 m x 30 m = 900 sq. metre.

25 m x 25 m = 625 sq. meter.

  • In Municipality limit (Town)

20 m x 20 m = 400 sq. meter

sites of petrol pump

Working capital requirement for operation of Retail Outlet (ROs.)

Types of Site Type of Retail Outlet Amount Required (in Rs)
CC/DC Regular 32 Lakh
CC/DC Rural 16 Lakh

Minimum Bidding Fee (CC / ‘A’ site) & Fixed Fee (DC / ‘B’ site)

Types of Site Type of Retail Outlet Amount Required (in Rs)
CC Regular 30 Lakh
CC Rural 10 Lakh
Types of Site Type of Retail Outlet Amount Required (in Rs)
DC Regular 15 Lakh
DC Rural 5 Lakh



Category Types of RO  Rs in Lakh  ISD (10% of Security Deposit)
Open Regular 5 50,000/-
Open Rural 4 40,000/-
OBC Regular 4 40,000/-
OBC Rural 3 30,000/-
SC/ST Regular 3 30,000/-
SC/ST Rural 2 20,000/-

Note: Interest Security Deposit (ISD)

Investment Required for Development of Infrastructure at RO

Types of Site Type of Retail Outlet Amount Required (in Rs)
CFS Regular/Rural 0 Lakh
CC Regular 12 Lakh
DC Regular 75 Lakh – 95 Lakh
DC Rural 35 Lakh

License Fee of different type of sites of petrol pump

  • License fee will be Payable by dealer for the investment made by corporation-

1.CC/ CFS Site (“A”)

Petrol : Rs 435.83 /KL = Rs 0.44 (Approx.)

Diesel : Rs 363.19 /KL = Rs 0.37 (Approx.)

  1. DC / “B” Site

Petrol: Rs 196.51 /KL = Rs 0.20 (Approx.)

Diesel: Rs 163.76 /KL = Rs 0.17 (Approx.)

Documents Required

a)Notarized Affidavit by the applicant as per Appendix-X A /X B (Standard Affidavit).

b)Proof of age (date of birth) i.e., – Self Attested Copy of 10th Std. Board Certificate / Secondary School Leaving Certificate / Birth Certificate / Passport / Identity card issued by Election Commission / Identity card issued by Election Commission/PAN card/Aadhar card. *

c)Proof of educational qualification i.e. Self Attested Copy of Certificate of passing 10th Std. issued by a Board / School conducting the examination or equivalent. *

d)Appendix III (consent for offer of land) if applicable.

e)Copy of land documents in support of ownership / lease rights.

f)Sketch/Site map of the offered land with dimension.

Land Evaluation of petrol Pump:

  • Under Land Evaluation, following parameters will be evaluated:
  1. Land in Advertised area

2.Land Dimension as per requirement.

3.Land meet NHAI norms

4.Land has no HT Line (>11 KVA) crossing.

5.No Nallah

6.No toll Plaza within 1 km

7.No forest Land


Land not meeting any of the above parameter will not be considered and will be rejected. However, the candidates would be considered for selection along with Group 3 applicants and intimation will be sent to the candidate.

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