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What is My11Circle App- How to earn money online from My 11Circle

What is My11 Circle App, play game, earn money. My11 Circle App

Cricket is the most popular game in India, so today you get to see many such apps in the market on which you can win thousands and lakhs of rupees by creating your own cricket team, which is called Fantasy Cricket and My11Circle App is also a Fantasy Cricket application.

In today’s article, we are going to share knowledge about India’s Best Fantasy Game App and Money Earning App, it is a very popular App named My11circle.
Many of you must have also heard the name of this application. And must be using it too.

But many new users do not know how to earn money from My11circle App, so keeping in mind their problems, we have written this article today.

My11circle App

Play Fantasy cricket & Win Real Cash- My11Circle

Important Points Description
Name of Application My11circle – Official Fantasy Cricket App
Download Link Download
Invite Code ZEN42422
Google Rating 4.2*/5
Download by User 1 Million +

What is My 11Circle App?

My11 Circle App is a Fantasy Sports App, where you can earn money by creating a winning team before the match starts according to your knowledge of Cricket or Football and IPL. You get money according to the performance of your selected team.

The name of the company that created My11Circle App is Play Games24 * 7 Private Limited. This company has already made another very famous app, which you people know by the name of Rummy Circle Game.
The specialty of fantasy cricket is that you have to make your team from both the teams and include those 11 players in your team who perform best in the match.
You are given points according to the performance done by your selected players and then on the basis of points you get rank and according to that rank you earn money.

In this App, you will get everything happening in the match like catch, run, out, square,
Points are given on six etc. and if you manage to get maximum points then you can earn lakhs of rupees by winning the match from this App.


Why My11Circle App?

The main reason to use of this App is that former India captain and current BCCI President Saurabh Ganguly promotes this application. Apart from this, cricketers like Rashid Khan, Shane Watson also promote this App.

Currently, this App becomes most trusted Fantasy Sports Application. Many people have won crores of rupees through My11circle App, out of which there are many who belong to rural areas. It is a very popular Fantasy Sports Application which has more than 1 million users in a very short time.

How to Download My11circle App?

In Google Play store, there are lot of application available on same name “My11circle”, so you will get confused when you going to download My11circle app from Google Play Store.

From my suggestion you may download the My11circle app from below link.

My11circle app download link is given as follow.

Click on “Download

Invite Code: ZEN42422

You may also download this application from their official website 

How to create account in My11Circle App?

After downloading the My11 Circle App, the process of creating an account is very easy. To register in the App, you have to follow some easy steps which we have given ahead of you –

Step1- Open the My11 circle app, you will get the interface of Login/Register with Enter Mobile number as you can see below images.

My11circle App My11circle App My11circle App

Note- You may login with Gmail id and also Facebook.


Step 2: After entered Mobile number, you have to click on continue Button as you can see in below images.

My11circle App

Step3: After clicked on Continue Button you will receive otp on registered number and that otp has to entered in OTP Box, after that you have to clicked on Verify Button for verified mobile number If auto fill facility is available, then automatically verified by my11 circle App. You can also see below images for reference.

My11circle App

Step 4: After verified mobile, you will successfully registered my11circle app and will get interface as below.

My11circle App

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How to Use my11circle App?

You will get to see all the options in this app, so if you want to use this app properly, then you should know about all its options, so let’s exploring

Home Tab- As soon as you open the My11Circle App, you are on the Home Tab where you are given information about Upcoming, Live and Complete matches, as well as the next match of any-
You get to see all such information about which team it is and when.

League- This is the second option where you are given information about the upcoming cricket league and also you get to know what and how much is the first, second and third prize in that league.

Refer & Earn-This can be the most important option if you have friends who are fond of playing fantasy cricket and like to use this type of application then you can earn money as bonus by joining them with this app.

Promotions- Here only information about upcoming matches is provided and some terms and conditions are shared.

More- This is the last option, but it is the most important because here you get all the information about My Account, View Transitions, Bound Summary, Withdrawal, Add Cash Limit and Fantasy Point System which is very important to use this app.

How to create and play my11circle app team?

To earn money on My11Circle App, you have to play by making a team and you have to make a team of 11 players in which you have to select those players from both the teams who are going to perform best in that match.

You have to select Batsman, Bowler, Wicketkeeper and All Rounder, Captain, Vice-captain
Everyone will have to choose Captain and they will get points for choosing all of them and you can choose only 7 players from any one team.

my11circle app

Step-1: First select the match you want to play

Step-2: Now here you get to play many types of Contests, such as

  1. Cash Contest
  2. Practice Contest
  3. Private Contest.

Cash Contest – In this you can win money by making a team by investing money.
Practice Contest – In this you can play for Contest Practice.
Private Contest – If you want to play Contest with your friends or in less people, then you can also create Private Contest.

Step-3: Now select the Contest by looking at the Contest in which you want to play and how much money you will have to pay to participate in it.

Step- 4: Here you can know how much money you will get for coming on which rank and how many people have participated in the contest.

Step-5: Now you can create a team by clicking on the Join button. You can choose Wicket Keeper from 1-4, Batsmen from 1-6, All Rounder from 1-6 and Bowler from 1-6 in your team and click on Next.

Step-6: Now you have to choose the captain and vice-captain of your team, you get 2X points for the captain and 1.5X points for the vice-captain.

Step-7: Join the Contest, after this the Contest fee will be deducted from your App account. After which you complete the process of participating in the match.


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How to earn money from My11circle App?

There are two ways to earn money from My11circle App, which we have told you below –

1. By Playing Fantasy Sports Game:

The most popular way to earn money on this App is by playing Fantasy Sports Game. You can create your own team of 11 players in My11circle and if your team ranks first, then you get the opportunity to earn crores of rupees from this App. Many people have also earned crores of rupees with the help of this App.

2. Refer & Earn of my11circle App:

Another way to earn money from My11 Circle App is you can refer with your friends, relatives or family members. You can get a bonus of Rs.550 by connecting a person to My11 Circle App. In this way you can earn money from My11 Circle App even without creating a team.
To refer My11circle, you will get the option of Refer & Earn in it from where you can refer My11 Circle App and earn money.

How to add money in My11Circle App?

To add money to My11 App, you will get the option of Add Cash at the top of the homepage from where you can add money to My11circle App.

How to withdraw money from My11circle App?

To withdraw the money of winning amount from My11circle App, first you have to get your account verified by filling some Personal Detail, only then you can withdraw money from this application.

Follow the following steps to withdraw money from My11circle App –

Login to My11circle App.
Click on the option with More.
Click on the option with My Account.
Here you will get the option of Withdrawal Cash.
And you can transfer the won money to your bank account or Paytm Wallet by clicking on Withdrawal Cash.


You may also watch below video in which you will get all details of my11circle app-


FAQ -My11circle App

1. Is My11circle App trusted?

Ans: Yes, My11circle app is India’s trusted app for fantasy sports games.

2. How to earn money from My11circle App?
Ans: From My11circle App- you can earn money by playing Fantasy Game and refer with your friends.

3. From where we can download My11circle App?

Ans: Here is the trusted & Verified Download link “My11circle

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