How to apply PSARA license online 2023

Introduction about PSARA License apply online.

Due to increase in crime rate under City, rate of registration of Private Security Agency has increase now. The Private Security Agencies Regulation Act (PSARA) License is a legal requirement in India for companies and individuals engaged in providing private security services. Enacted in 2005, the PSARA Act aims to regulate the functioning of private security agencies to ensure the safety and security of both the public and private establishments like restaurant, guesthouse and hotels, housing societies, private bungalows etc. This establishes guidelines, standards, and procedures that govern the operations of these agencies, ensuring that their services are reliable, accountable, and professional.

psara license apply online

Why PSARA LICENSE required to obtained Private Security Agency Companies- under PSARA license apply online.

Obtaining a PSARA license apply online is mandatory for anyone looking to start or operate a private security agency in India. The license is issued by the respective state government’s Home Department or the appropriate designated authority. The application process involves submitting various documents, undergoing background checks, and meeting specific criteria outlined in the PSARA Act. The license is typically granted after ensuring that the agency has a competent management structure, a trained workforce, and the necessary infrastructure to provide quality security services.

The PSARA license serves multiple purposes:

  1. Regulation: The psara license apply online ensures that private security agencies operate within the legal framework and adhere to the guidelines specified by the government. This helps prevent unscrupulous practices and maintains a level of professionalism in the industry.
  2. Accountability: Licensed agencies are required to follow strict operational standards, which include thorough background checks on their employees, proper training, and adherence to ethical practices. This accountability helps maintain the integrity of the private security sector.
  3. Public Safety: With licensed agencies providing security services, the safety of individuals, businesses, and organizations is enhanced. The licensing process helps filter out unreliable and potentially harmful entities.
  4. Employment: The PSARA license requirement creates job opportunities for individuals seeking employment in the private security sector. It ensures that security personnel are trained, responsible, and suitable for the role they undertake.
  5. Industry Credibility: Possessing a PSARA license adds credibility to a private security agency’s reputation. Clients are more likely to trust licensed agencies for their security needs.

It’s important to note that specific requirements and procedures might vary from state to state within India. Anyone interested in operating a private security agency should thoroughly research the requirements set by their respective state and comply with them to obtain the necessary PSARA license.

For more details about PSARA License, watch below video:

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We will discuss herewith three terms of eligibility criteria of Organization.

  1. In terms of type of business organization.
  2. In terms of the role of Director/Principle employer
  3. In terms of the role of a security Guard.

All above types of terms are as follows:

1: In terms of the type of business organization

The following business structures for PSARA license apply online.

  • Sole Proprietorship,
  • One Person Company (OPC),
  • Partnership Firm,
  • LLP,
  • Association of Persons, and
  • Private Limited Company.

2: In terms of the role of a Director/Principal Officer- under psara license apply online

The PSARA Act has underpinned specific criteria for individuals intending to serve the position of Director/Principal Officer.

  • Individual must be an Indian national.
  • An individual should not be minor as far as age is concerned.
  • Individual must have ample financial resources to cater to business expenses.
  • Individual must have crime-free track records.

3: In terms of the role of a Security Guard- under psara license apply online

Individuals intending to become security guards must fulfil the given conditions:

  • The person should be an Indian national.
  • The person should not be a minor and neither over 65 years of age.
  • The person ought to behave adequate training.
  • The person must have a seamless service track record without any termination.
  • The person should match the desired physical attributes.
  • The person must secure character certificate from a previous firm.


Documents Required for PSARA license apply online.

  1. PAN of the company
  2. Company Incorporation documents
  3. GST Registration
  4. Shop & Establishment Registration
  5. PF & ESIC Registration.
  6. Professional Tax Registration
  7. Labour Act Registration
  8. Character certificate of employees.
  9. IT Returns of Directors
  10. Proof of ownership proof of business place
  11. Identity card of employees
  12. Details of armed licenses
  13. Uniform photo
  14. Logo of Security Agency
  15. MOU Training
psara license apply online



The location a private security organization operates in determines the license fee. According to the 2005 PSAR Act, the licensing fee is as follows:

  • For one district: 5,000
  • For two to five districts: 10,000
  • For the entire State: 25,000


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Registration procedure for Psara License Apply Online:

Before proceeding for registration procedure for PSARA license apply online-

The online licensing application is currently available for all the States/UTs except Ladakh and West Bengal which is under process.

Firstly visit official website PSARA Agency Registration , then you will get below interface:-

psara license apply online

In the above interface, you have to fill- Applicant full Name, Make User id, email id and mobile number.

After that you have to click on send OTP. Received otp need to fill in the OTP Box and later click on submit button after that you will get below interface.

psara license apply online

After successfully registered, you have to click on Login Button for login with registered login credentials;

psara license apply online

After login fill all form-I section for getting Psara License. After filled all application then proceed for Payment.

Registration Procedure for Psara License:

  1. Filling of application
  2. Get MOU from Training Institute
  3. Police Verification
  4. Scrutiny of Documents
  5. Psara License issued


You can see the same of PSARA License below: –

psara license apply online


Condition of Grant of License- under PSARA license apply online:

1) The licensee {every proprietor or majority shareholder, partner or director of the company) shall successfully undergo a training relating to the private security as prescribed by the Controlling Authority within the time frame fixed by it.

(2) The detailed training syllabus for training the licensee is mentioned as Annexure III of these Rules.

(3) The training shall be for a minimum period of six working days. The training shall broadly include the following subjects, namely; –

{i) Present security scenario:

(a) VIP Security

(b) Internal Security

(c) Institutional Security;

(ii) Role and Functioning of Private Security Agencies:

(a) Fire Fighting

(b) Disaster/ Emergency Management protocol

(c) Security Duties

(d) Checking of various documents

(e) Information security

(f) Access Control

(g) Explosives, IEDs

(h) Anti Sabotage Checks (ASC)

(i) Security related equipments

(j) Communication Equipments

{k) Patrolling

(1) Post duties

(iii) Legal provisions:

(a) The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005 (29 of

2005) and its associated Rules.

(b) Relevant Labour Laws

(iv) Management of Security Agencies:

(a) Uniform

(b) Training of personnel of private security agencies

(c) Documentation and records to be maintained by the licensee

(d) Data Sharing Protocol

(v) Interface with public, Police and other departments:

(a) Interface with Public

{b) Liaison with police and other concerned Government



What is the timeline of obtained PSARA License?

Ans: PSARA LICENSE timeline will be 90 days by the department.

What is the fee for PSARA LICENSE Apply online?

Ans: The location a private security organization operates in determines the license fee. According to the 2005 PSAR Act, the licensing fee is as follows:

  • For one district: 5,000
  • For two to five districts: 10,000
  • For the entire State: 25,000

What is time limit for renewal of PSARA License apply online?

Ans: The State Controlling Authority must receive respective application for renewal of PSARA license at least 45 days before the current license expires.

What is the expiry and renewal of PSARA license?

Ans: For Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand, the PSARA License is valid for five years from the date of grant in the majority of states. Chhattisgarh and Uttarakhand give for a calendar year. From 90 days before to the license’s expiration date, it should be able to renew the PSARA license.

Is Procedure of grant of PSARA license differ for every state?

Ans: Yes, While The Private Security Agencies (Regulation) Act, 2005, is the primary law governing the private security industry in India. However,each state and union territory must designate their own regulating authority and set up their own regulations and procedures for applying for the issuance of the PSARA License.



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