How to respond e campaign notice of income tax department 2022

How to respond e campaign notice of income tax department- High Value Transaction, Credit Card Usage, Cash Deposit, Redeem of Mutual Funds or Fixed Deposits etc.

What is the source of information for e Campaign?

Under the e campaign, Income Tax Department is sending email or SMS to identify taxpayers to verify their financial transactions related information received by the IT department from various sources such as Statement of Financial Transactions (SFT), Tax Deduction at Source (TDS), Tax Collection at Source (TCS), Foreign Remittances (Form 15CC) etc. The department has collected information related to GST, exports, imports and transactions in securities, derivatives, commodities and mutual funds under information triangulation set up.

What is Compliance Portal?

Compliance portal is the dedicated portal operationalized under Project Insight to enable e-verification (i.e., capture of response on specific compliance related issues in a structured manner) for effective compliance monitoring and evaluation. The Compliance portal also enables a seamless, secured two-way structured communication to enhance the transparency and functional efficiency of the department.

How to login into e campaign of Compliance Portal of income tax?

Step 1: Login to the e-filing portal by using the URL https://incometax.gov.in/

Step 2: Click on the ‘Pending Actions’ link available in-home page where you will get option of “compliance portal” and after that you will get e campaign (AY 2021-22 onwards) option where you have to submit your response as you may see in below image.
e campaign


What is e campaign of Income Tax?

The Income Tax Department has started an e-campaign on voluntary compliance of Income Tax for the convenience of taxpayers. The campaign ending on 31st March 2021 focuses on the assesses/taxpayers who are either: –

1. Non-filers of Income Tax Return or

2. Have discrepancies/deficiency in their returns for the FY 2019-20.

And this campaign is still continued for surveillance of Taxpayer

The Income Tax department has started to surveillance of Non-filers of Income tax return, deficiency in their returns and all Indian Pan data base who made high Value Transaction or any cash deposits etc.

Anybody found such type of activity then Income Tax Department start sending SMS or email from its ends for any high Value Transaction or any cash deposits etc. The SMS format is below:

SMS/Email from Income Tax on High Value Transaction under e-Campaign

e campaign income e campaign notice


Attention AXXXX SXXXXG (PAN XXXXX8041X) Based on available information with Income Tax Department, it appears that you were required to file ITR for A.Y 2022-23 but have not filed yet. Please file your ITR or submit online response under e campaign tab on compliance portal. Access compliance portal (https://www.incometax.gov.in). go to “Pending Actions” tab. Click on “Compliance Portal” and select “e campaign (AY 2021-22 onwards)”. On compliance portal. Under e campaign list, view campaign type “Non-filing of Return”. Please ignore if ITR has been already filed. -ITD

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Reply of above sms or email of Income Tax Department is mandatory, if your annual income is more than Rs 2,50,000. If the reply is not satisfied, then action will take place from IT Department.

How to respond under e campaign tab of compliance portal of Income tax Department in 2022-23?

Before reply to this notice under e campaign tab of compliance portal. You should understand why this SMS /email or notice come to you from Income Tax Department in 2022-23.

Reason High Value Transaction, High Usage of Credit Card, Cash deposit in Saving Account, High UPI Transaction, Mutual Fund Redeem, Stock Trading, Online Gaming Income from UPI Transaction, Fixed Deposits, etc and many more reason behind this. So, firstly watch below video to understand about this e campaign SMS.


Reply to e campaign SMS-

You can easily reply by filing your ITR of respective Assessment Year or if your income is less than 2.5 lakh then you can submit your response under e campaign tab. For more details you can watch below videos



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ans: Follow below Steps:

  1. Login to Income Tax Portal. Login to incometax.gov.in using your PAN/Aadhaar and OTP/password. …
  2. Select the relevant e-campaign. …
  3. Select the Information Category. …
  4. Select the Transactions. …
  5. Select the Response and Submit.

Ans: You can also use the URL www.incometax.gov.in to access e-filing portal. Step 2: Log into e-filing portal and then click on “Compliance Portal” option available under tab– “Pending Actions” and select e-Campaign.

3. Is IT mandatory to respond to e campaign income tax?

Ans: Mandatory filing of returns: An individual is required to file ITR if income exceeds Rs 2,50,000.


4. What is high-value transactions under e campaign?

Ans: The income-tax department has started to reach out to certain taxpayers who have either not filed income-tax returns (ITR) or failed to accurately report high-value transactions in their returns.


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