How to activate Import-Export code (IEC) after deactivated?

Introduction About Import-Export code (activate IEC code) after Deactivated

Import Export Code is a 10-digit number allotted by the DGFT to exporters and importers involved in international trade. To carry out import and export activities from India smoothly, it is necessary to obtain an IEC. Once obtained, it needs to be updated and renewed every year between April to June. To simplify process, IEC can now be updated or renewed online using a few important documents.

If you not updated in yearly wise then your IEC code will be deactivated due to non-compliance of DGFT Rule. When your IEC code is deactivated then IEC status shows deactivated as shows like below.

activate iec code

Why Import- Export code (IEC) is deactivated- under Activate IEC Code

There are several reasons why an IEC may be deactivated or cancelled:

  1. Non-Compliance: If the holder of an IEC fails to comply with the rules and regulations governing international trade or violates any provisions of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) or other related laws, the DGFT may deactivate the IEC.
  2. Non-Utilization: If an IEC is not used for import or export transactions for a specified period of time, it may be deactivated. The exact period of non-utilization varies and is typically outlined in the FTP.
  3. Surrender: An IEC holder may choose to voluntarily surrender their IEC if they no longer wish to engage in international trade. In such cases, the IEC is deactivated at the request of the holder.
  4. Non-Renewal: IECs have a validity period, and if the holder fails to renew it within the stipulated timeframe, the IEC may be deactivated.
  5. Closure of Business: If a business that holds an IEC closes or ceases its operations, the IEC may be deactivated or cancelled.
  6. Misuse: If the IEC is found to be used for illegal or fraudulent activities, it may be deactivated, and legal actions may be taken against the holder.
  7. Incorrect Information: Providing incorrect or false information during the application or renewal process can result in the deactivation of an IEC.


Documents Required for activate IEC code online.

Following are the documents required for IEC renewal
• Importer Exporter Code (IEC) license number
• Scanned copy of company Pan Card
• Scanned copy of register address proof
• All directors, trustees, partners Pan cards, Aadhar card copies and mobile number
• Copy of GST certificate

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How to Activate IEC code online?

Step 1:- Click here to register in DGFT Website, if already register then login with user id and password.

activate iec code

After login with existing user id and password then you will get below interface:

activate iec code

Step-2: In above interface you can see the IEC status showing deactivated. For Activate IEC Code, we have to click on Update/Modify IEC option. When you click on the above-mentioned option then you will get below interface.

activate iec code

Step-3: In the above interface you can see, there is option for start fresh application in the left bottom corner. You have to click on the Start Fresh Application option then you will get below interface under activate IEC code.

activate iec code

Step-4: After this above step you have an option to fill the following details:

  1. General Information section
  2. Details of proprietor/partners/director
  3. Bank Information
  4. Declaration
  5. Application Summary

In general information, you have to fill basic details of proprietor/partner/Company, Firm Address, Branch Details under activate IEC Code.

In Firm Address, you have to attach the address proof documents, if proprietorship then Aadhar copy is attach as a address documents and Electricity/Rent agreement etc.

activate iec code


After this step, we have to fill Branch details under activate of IEC code, here is required to update the details if applicable other left as it is- under activate IEC code.

activate iec code

After this step, you have to click on SAVE & NEXT option, then you will get the interface of detail of proprietor under activate IEC code.

activate iec code

After update all information about Proprietor/partners/directors then you have to click on save and next option then you will get below interface for Bank Details as below under activate IEC code.

activate iec code

Then after click on save and next option then you have to proceed as follow process whatever is shown in screenshot.

activate iec code
activate iec code
activate iec code
activate iec code
activate iec code


After doing all above process, then you have to make payment of Rs 200 for activate IEC code. After successful payment for activation of IEC code then you will see your IEC code status Shows Valid which as below-

activate iec code

Step 5: Once updated and renewed, it can be printed by selecting Print IEC.

After this complete process, now you can download you IEC code certificate which will be like as below

activate iec code

If you unable to understand the above process for activate IEC Code process after deactivation then you can also watch below video for more information.










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